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Marty Wayne

Magical Entertainment You Can Sink Your Teeth Into

Type of Shows

Strolling (Walk Around)

Imagine if you will, people standing around and then laughter and applause erupts across the room.

Your other clients or guests are wondering what is going on!

What they see is the magic man working the crowds entertaining your guests with sleight hand and comedy.

Magical entertainment that your guests or clients can sink their teeth into!

For cocktail parties, hospitality suites, maybe some entertainment either before or after your dinner party or fund raiser. Yes even weddingreceptions. You might just need to draw a crowd to your booth at an event.

Stand Up Comedy Magic Show

Comedy and Magical entertainment with lots of fun interaction with audience members.

Depending on your needs the program can run from 30 minutes to an hour. Large or small audiences, shows can be adjusted to suit your needs.

Combination Show

Make your important meeting or event extra special. How about some Walk Around magical entertainment and the Stand Up Show. Quality entertainment that will make your clients or guests say, "WOW"

"Rainy Days" by Novena Boy

Courtesy of Rich Clark